40 years of Spanish archaeological photography at the MNAR

40 years of Spanish archaeological photography at the MNAR

The National Museum of Roman Art presents the exhibition «José Latova. 40 years of Spanish archaeological photography«, Organized by the Regional Archaeological Museum of Madrid, which after returning to the National Archaeological Museum arrives in Mérida.

The exhibition raises a reflection on the role of the archaeological photography and its development in Spain as one of the most effective means of documentation of the last forty years.

Offers a tour of four decades of Spanish archeology Through the photographs taken -from 1975 to the present- by José Latova Fernández-Luna, a name that appears associated with the most relevant archaeological projects in our country in the latest generation of research.

Where: National Museum of Roman Art

When: March 23 - June 3, 2018: The exhibition can be visited during the Museum's regular hours.

As a novelty, the designed exhibition route allows the visitor to discover other spaces in the Museum, such as the different bays of the Crypt that are not usually accessible.


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