1,500-year-old hotel found in Venice

1,500-year-old hotel found in Venice

Archaeologists of the Ca`Foscari University of Venice, have found a 1,500-year-old hotel in Venice, being the Jesolo's first hotel (former Equilo), which is currently the main spa on the Venetian coast that receives millions of tourists during the summer.

The hotel complex, built between the 4th and 5th centuries, was located on an islet near the old estuary of the Piave Vecchia, now "Le Mure".

After two years of surveys, excavations and investigations, Sauro gelichi, director of the archaeological project of Ca`Foscari, explains the discovery as follows:

Until now a large part of the building has been explored, being used to a large extent as a hotel, characterized by a series of totally equal rooms, located next to each other and divided into different areas where the room with the beds and the beds were located. the kitchens (each of these rooms was equipped with a brick fireplace).

This hotel structure was flanked by buildings that functioned as workshops for artisan activities and probably a small chapel for religious services, but the complex was probably much larger.

Situated some distance from other settlements along the main road, Via Annia, this complex dates back to late antiquity and early Middle Ages, where Equilus (Equilo) was a welcoming place for all those who visited. they moved by sea to the peninsula.

Via University of Ca`Foscari

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