The Yonaguni Ruins: A Mystery of History

The Yonaguni Ruins: A Mystery of History

The yonaguni island It belongs to the Japanese archipelago of Ryūkyū and under the surrounding waters a series of rock formations were discovered in 1986 that did not seem to have a natural origin, and many experts believe that they are really remains of an ancient city more than 10,000 years old. Are the Yonaguni ruins.

It was during a routine underwater survey around the island that scientists from the Ryūkyū University Geological Oceanographic Center in Okinawa stumbled upon the structure about 200 meters from the Arakawabana region. They have subsequently been identified ten structures in Yonaguni and five more similar structures on the main island of Okinawa. In total the ruins cover an area that covers 300 by 150 meters.

The fact of ruling out a geological origin for these findings, found about 25 meters below sea level, is an important reflection. According to experts, the fact that this structure is submerged means that when it was built it was on the surface, so it would be necessary to go back to Pleistocene, when sea levels were much lower because most of the water was frozen in the northern hemisphere.

We are therefore talking about an antiquity that would be around 10,000 years, which is when Yonaguni ruins and the rest of the structures may have been located above sea level, long before the end of the last Great Ice Age or the end of the Ice Age.

If this were true, it would suppose that this set of structures is 5,000 years older than the first Egyptian pyramids, being curious that the most striking structure of the deposits, the so-called "Yonaguni Monument”Also have a pyramidal structure that, although asymmetric, remember the ancients Ziggurats from Mesopotamia, with stairs of variable height only in its south face.

It has a wingspan of about 50 meters long in an east-west direction and about 20 meters wide in a north-south direction. The top of the structure is about five meters below sea level, while the base is about 25.

The controversy surrounding the origin of the Yonaguni ruins still open. Many experts claim that they are the work of nature and others claim that they are part of an ancient eastern civilization. More time is needed to investigate to unravel the mystery, if any conclusion is ever reached.

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