The Cueva de Bolomor as a tourist destination in Valencia

The Cueva de Bolomor as a tourist destination in Valencia

The Bolomor Cave It is a heritage and cultural jewel of the Valencian municipality of Tavernes de la Valldigna which is now promoted as a tourist attraction due to the global impact of the research carried out there in how neanderthals tamed fire.

In it, the remains associated with the oldest human settlement of the Valencian Community have been found, which were dated between 350,000 and 90000 BC, corresponding to the Lower Paleolithic, as well as the first evidence of controlled fire in the Peninsula around 150,000 BC.

In the image, the mayor of Tavernes de la Valldigna, Jordi Juan, attends to the media during the presentation of the actions that this municipality carries out to promote its heritage resources, at the Fitur International Tourism Fair.

Image credit: EFE / Manuel Bruque

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