Archaeologists unearth the remains of a 6,000-year-old massacre in France

Archaeologists unearth the remains of a 6,000-year-old massacre in France

Last Tuesday, a team of French archaeologists reported that they discovered remains of victims of a 6,000-year-old massacre in Alsace, in the east of the country, which was surely carried out by "very angry warriors."

The corpses of 10 people They were found in one of the 300 old "silos" (used to store grains and other food), a French Inrap team explained to the press.

The Neolithic group showed obvious signs of extremely violent death, with multiple injuries to the legs, hands and skulls, while the way the bodies were stacked shows that either they all died together or were thrown in that way in the silo. «They were brutally executed and severely beaten, almost certainly with a stone ax.«Explained Philippe Lefranc, Inrap specialist.

The skeletons of five adults and a teenager, as also four arms of other individuals, which were probably "war trophies" such as those found in 2012 in the vicinity of Bergheim.

Although studies remain to reveal more information about the massacre, Lefranc has a widely accepted theory and that is that a local tribe collided with a new group that arrived from the area of ​​what is now Paris, the latter being the ones who would lose that battle against the locals. «However, in the long run the "Parisians" had the last word as they supplanted the locals around 4200 BC, as evidenced by burials, ceramics and villages found.«, Sentenced.

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