They solve the mystery of the Aztec masks made with human skulls

They solve the mystery of the Aztec masks made with human skulls

The University of Montana, in the USA, has carried out an in-depth study about eight Aztec masks made with human skulls managing to uncover its mystery, the one that intrigued researchers since its discovery 30 years ago.

The researchers concluded that these skulls, found in the Templo Mayor in Mexico City, «They were made with the aim of being used on the face or as part of a headdress, to later be deposited as offerings to the dead«, As has been published in the magazine Current Anthropology.

They also managed to date these eight masks and 30 other skulls found at the site, which are placed in the reign of Axayácatl, emperor between the years 1468 and 1481.

The study revealed that the masks were created from the skulls of adult men (between 30 and 45 years), being very likely that they belonged to warriors captured or defeated in one of the Aztec conquests. However, another theory indicates that they could belong to members of the nobility of cities that were not subordinate to the emperor.

As for the remaining 30 skulls found, it is known that their origin is different and that they may belong to people of lower social class (both slaves and low-ranking combatants), being both adult men and women.

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