1,000-year-old Buddhist temple discovered in Bangladesh

1,000-year-old Buddhist temple discovered in Bangladesh

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In Bangladesh, the ruins of a Buddhist temple dating back to the 7th and 8th centuries have been found. as well as a paved road in the Mahasthangarth region, very close to the city of Bogra.

From this finding it can be said that it has characteristics very similar to those of Godaibari Dhap temples, in the same region, or even that of Itakhola Mura, which was found in the Mainamati region, very close to the city of Comilla.

According to the first investigations carried out in the field, it can be known that this temple had two rooms built with brick; Several stone blocks have also been found that according to preliminary analyzes could be from a time before the temple itself, so it could be thought that the temple was built on a previous building, although it is not certain that this is so.

In fact, archaeologists discovered an earth oven that dates back to 400 BC. in the same place, together with other ancient pieces from various periods such as coins, statues, terracotta, etc., which indicates that excavations and new objects will surely continue to be found.

Likewise, different objects have been found, such as ornaments made with clay, pieces of terracotta, polished bricks for ornamentation, remains of what appears to be a monument and several houses and also different coins minted in the periods that go back to gupta and pala .

Despite having a mainly historical value It has been known that there have been several thefts of some pieces and bricks, although it is speculated that it has not been in a large quantity and that the findings that continue to be made will report more information about this temple and what could have previously existed at this site.

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