Shopping mall construction unearths a Native American mound

Shopping mall construction unearths a Native American mound

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History and archeology news can be really surprising, regardless of where it comes from, as we echo below. The construction of a large shopping center in the United States has revealed a mound made by Native Americans, which has made the construction works have had to be stopped.

As Jarrod Burks, archaeologist and principal investigator, stated, “We are currently excavating and removing many things to get more information about this place that could be dated between 200 BC and 200 AD.”.

The group of researchers already has recovered different objects whose origin dates back to about 2,000 years old, where bones, ceramics and wood used in burial ceremonies are included among others. That is what has been achieved so far in about two weeks of work, although they do not rule out finding many more things as time progresses.

It is known that this mound is located in an area where there are several more mounds, or at least that is what is estimated, something that could ruin the construction of the shopping center that was planned and that in the future would have about 10,000 square meters of extension.

In the United States there are federal laws that protect the legacy of the Native American Indians and this has already led to the order not to continue with the work until the excavations are deepened.

Burk has assured that in many of these mounds, in addition to different objects, human remains are usually found, which could be used to learn more about the past of the inhabitants of what is now the United States, hence the great importance of discoveries like this one.

Different magnetic studies of the entire area are currently being carried out, which will allow them know exactly what they have under their feet and to be able to start new excavations in case more mounds are found, where everything indicates that this will be the case according to preliminary studies.

It is not normal to find solitary mounds so it is a matter of time before more are found in this area and may shed more light on the Native American Indians who populated this area thousands of years ago and who are expected to learn more about their way of life.

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