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History of Arizona - History

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(Monitor: t. 614; l. 225'; b. 37'; dr. 6'6"; dph. 9'1"; cpl.
66; a. 1 11" sb.)

The first Chim.o, a light-draft ironclad monitor, was built by Aquila Adams at South Boston, Mass., from plans by John Ericsson; launched 5 May 1864; and commissioned 20 January 1865, Acting Master John C. Dutch in command.

Chimo sailed to New York, arriving 26 January 1865, to be fitted with torpedo gear and one 11-inch Dahlgren smoothbore gun. On 1 April 1865 she departed for Hampton Roads where she arrived on the 9th. On 28 April she sailed for Point Lookout, N.C., where she served as a.station ship until 28 May 1865. Arriving at Washington Navy Yard 7 June 1865, she was decommissioned 24 June 1865. Her name was changed to Orion 16 June 1869; to Pisoataqua 10 August 1869, and she was sold in 1874.

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